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Green light and energy experts
GES Energy Saving
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About Us

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ADD:     731 Roxas Blvd Parañaque City
              Metro Manila Philippines
TEL:      (632) 556-6688   (632) 556-6588
              (632) 556-6677   (632) 556-6655
FAX:      (632) 556-6788
EMAIL:  info@ges.com.ph

Our Advantage

Related to other businesses and GES, providing of products and services to the public is our goal to break the condition. It includes the following aspects:
Technological innovation
Technological innovation in every enterprise, in efforts with GES technological innovation to stay in the field of industry or bottleneck breakthrough to obtain reflected the revolutionary changes brought about by the industry and the value of.
In short, the goal of the new technology is not only a breakthrough product performance, but in order to be more conducive to the rapid advance of industrialization - to reduce costs is one of the most core parts.
The usual phenomenon whenever an additional value of new technology products, a breakthrough in the application, but its cost will increase accordingly. It allows us to accept mass consumption and needs to have a process of industrial advance, and the cycle may be a longer time.
If the blind pursuit of technological innovation, the result is a new innovation that will make the community more than usual to pay the cost to use the additional newest technology products for this innovation, GES conservative attitude.
Industry model
The advantages of the newest technology LED lighting are cost-efficient and safe to use. On the other hand, the price of the product can be accepted by the public, a new technology and new products from the market to the social popularity requires a longer cycle to process.
How to break this situation? The GES marketing model told us an industrialization of the rapid advance of the equation: Capital + product + shared values + consumer guide = popularity. Although in actual operation, the behavior derived from this equation, showing a rich and diverse faces, but summarized its core, the performance is as follows:
1、0 pay concept
A. "Shared capital + shared + shared values + consumer sharing = universal equation " for enjoying capital will assume the user to use the new products, partially or completely the initial procurement costs. Or capital bears the middle identity (third-party capital and credit guarantee), two-way guarantee for users and businesses. Users in the initial use of the new product, and do not require immediate payment for purchases.
B. The user can use the credit guarantee payment. Procurement of new products only the guarantee credit (such as credit card or bank card information) credit guarantee institutions (such as banks) to provide credit guarantees (such as a credit card) and use within a defined period of time.
2、the cycle value chain
A. We are familiar with the consumption pattern of the user one-way pay. Consumption patterns mean almost people living in all the property under which: such as the purchase of daily necessities, real estate, and automotive consumer. The one-way consumption patterns disadvantage is obvious: object-oriented frequent, less efficient, and higher cost.
B. GES is committed to innovation and a new type of consumption patterns. Among commodity providers and consumers, the interest is not the one-way relationship, but the two-way relationship instead. For example in terms of:
The government in order to improve the problems of environmental protection and energy pollution, as well as public life improvement should encourage consumers to use more advanced technologies and products. The government can support through policy or directly benefit compensation, and also to promote the development of new industries. In this way, each family's roof can be fully utilized to install solar silicon panels. Each family can become a small power station. (The problem is that users need a one-time pay in a higher cost, the feasibility of the way, have to continue to see the analysis below). If every family in the power generation system runs independently, and you need an energy storage system common lead-acid battery, and environmental pollution is terrible, the price of the new environmentally-friendly energy storage lithium battery is too expensive so each family establishes an independent energy storage system to make obviously unreasonable, unwise the current way to solve this problem is the grid family of no power local storage, power directly through the grid, thus transportation to electricity suppliers.
Between electricity suppliers and home users, we establish an energy recovery and supply of two-way relationship. The family power is a commodity sale to electricity suppliers, and users in the use of electricity, as suppliers pay based on actual usage. In order to facilitate the settlement, the two sides can deduct such consumption, one party to the other party to pay the cost difference. (Electricity suppliers to pay a user's fee do not change the identity of the beneficiaries' electricity supplier forever. Assume that if the user total generating capacity to meet the total demand of the user, the electronic suppliers can invest a small amount of production costs directly receive a management fee to our success, but in reality, this situation would never arise.)
In this way, the cycle value chain is to produce. The three parties can achieve their goals in this cycle value chain: the government takes the lead in improving the environment and the quality of public life; electricity suppliers bear the intermediate links, saving production costs, enhance supply capacity to earn management fees and energy spread; users pay a cost much less than usual, but a lifetime benefit. This benefit is much higher than the initial investment as a power generation system.
It is not difficult to see, this pattern is consistent with the natural way, this is the largest resource utilization, and process of optimization is the most reasonable.
All on the GES is committed to innovation and application of new technology consumption patterns, core-cycle value chain that optimizes resource utilization; improve the human living environment and lifestyle. This is called the eternal goal of GES.

Green and environmental protection