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Green light and energy experts
GES Energy Saving
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About Us

Contact GES

ADD:     731 Roxas Blvd Parañaque City
              Metro Manila Philippines
TEL:      (632) 556-6688   (632) 556-6588
              (632) 556-6677   (632) 556-6655
FAX:      (632) 556-6788
EMAIL:  info@ges.com.ph

Cultural Philosophy

GES improves the living environment of humans as the ultimate goal of unremitting efforts, to reduce the pollution of the environment, conserve energy to make our lives healthier and more comfortable; and enhance our sense of pleasure in life. The file system of GES employee is the quality of life and well-being index questionnaire's feedback through occasional research to address employees in and out of work issues. Employee's behavior, work counseling and work improvement to resolve life, staff and caring of the family members; and happiness index rating is the adherence of the company.
The value of sharing
The GES career platform is a value-sharing mechanism from shareholders, managers, employees, external suppliers, customers, or other third-party collaborators. GES shares its unique mode, reasonable distribution of a benefit-sharing system for all members to participate in this system. The value-sharing mechanism is an important part of corporate culture; it will establish a harmonious growth of common interest.

Green and environmental protection